Miguel Medina - Falling - COMBO PACK - 2 Physical CD&
Miguel Medina - Falling - COMBO PACK - 2 Physical CD&
Miguel Medina - Falling - COMBO PACK - 2 Physical CD&
Miguel Medina - Falling - COMBO PACK - 2 Physical CD&

Miguel Medina - Falling - COMBO PACK - 2 Physical CD'S

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Miguel's new album is finally here, and we are so excited to share it with you!

This combo pack contains both the album CD "Sound Healing Music for Yoga and Meditation", and the backing track CD "Musical Accompaniment for Native American Flutes"

Normally $15 each, this combo pack is only $22 for both!

Listen to Miguel play some of his favorite flutes and hand pans, set in beautiful sound healing arrangements. This album features Timothee Berte-Renou an exceptional cellist, and Jason O'Neill-Butler adding his signature sound with vocals and piano.

The intention of this album is to:

-Create a deep , powerful meditation album for your centering, release and or yoga, massage, mindfulness practices.

-To feature some of SingingTree's unique flute creations such as the contra bass F#/B aeolian drone flute, Contra Bass Drone, 8 hole Aeolian alternating drone, Arabian scale flute and more!

-To create a backing track with the main flute part removed, so that our flute customers can play along with some deeply inspirational sounds!

Here are the Instruments used in Each song in the Full Album!(Album is in A440 Hz)

1 Duality -Cello, Contra Bass E Drone Flute

2 Crystal Rain-C Didgeridoo, High C Arabian(Hijaz) Flute, Vocals by Jason

3 Soul Scape-G Pigmy Rav Drum, Limba G Aeolian 

4 Knight in Tainted Armor -Cello, 8 Hole Aeolian Alternating Drone

5 El Coqui -High C NAF Flute, Piano

6 Spirit Cavern - Contra Bass F#/B Aeolian Axiom B Celtic minor Hand pan, High B Aeolian flute

7 A Seoladh Na Mara -F2 Pigmy Handpan, Cello, Djembe 

8 OM Shanti -Shruti Box in D, D/A minor Harmony drone, High D Aeolian Flute

9 Pygmy Dreams -F2 Pigmy Handpan, F Naf Minor Flute, Vocals by Miguel

10 Falling -D Celtic Minor Handpan(Aurous Sunset 9), Low D Drone Flute, Vocals by Jason


Here is a list of flutes that you can Play to the Falling Backing Track Album 

(This album is in 440 Hz, so use flutes tuned to A440, not A432Hz). A good thing to remember is you can play any minor Scaled flute(Aeolian or NAF minor, EXCEPT sharps and flats to different songs in this album (A<B<C<D<E<F<G)

1 Duality-Any E NAF Minor flute or Aeolian Minor Flute(Contra Bass, Mid, or High E)

2 Crystal Rain - any flute in C( NAF/Aeolian Arabian, Contra bass G/C Aeolian Drone)

3 Soul Scape -any G NAF, or Aeolian Minor flute, C Aeolian, or Contra G/C Aeolan

4 Knight in Tainted Armor -Any E NAF minor or E Aeolian Minor single or Drone flute)

5 El Coqui- Any C NAF Minor or C Aeolian Minor

6 Spirit Cavern- Any B NAF Minor or B Aeolian minor Flute, Contra F#/B Drone

7 A Seoladh Na Mara- Any F NAF Minor or Aeolian Minor Flute

8 OM Shanti - Any D minor Drone or Single Flute, NAF or Aeolian. A Minor Flute.

9 Pygmy Dreams- Any F Minor Flute, NAF or Aeolian

10 Falling- Any D NAF or Aeolian Minor Flute, any A minor flute

Feel Free to experiment with other flutes, but these should give you the best and easiest opportunities to inspire some creative expression!

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