Custom Designs

You Dream It, We Make It

We want to see your vision for a flute realized! We offer a variety of wood types, accents, keys, tunings and scales, stone inlays, animal totems, and wood burn art styles.

Write to us below with your design idea including the flute type, wood, tuning, key, accents and embellishments you may want! You can see more details below. Don't worry if you don't know every detail; after you submit your idea, we will contact you with our availability and current options. Just send us a message in the form below to get started!

To get inspired, view our shop and gallery for all sorts of possibilities! We can't wait to hear from you.

*Note* Some combinations of keys, tunings and flute type are not possible due to the structure of the flutes. Send us your design ideas and we will let you know what we can accommodate and the current wait times. If our orders are closed, we can still put you on a "wishlist" and notify you when something similar to your request becomes available!

Write to us with your design ideas

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What are my options?

Type of Flute

Native American Style - Single Chambered Flute

Drones - two chambers (Double Drone) or three (Triple Drone)!

Alternating Drones - drones that have one chamber with a scale and the other chamber with a playing hole that can change the note of that chamber.

Harmony Drones - drones that have two different key scales on either chamber that will harmonize with each other, they often have one side that is shorter than the other.

Bass & Contrabass - low resonant keys that are big and sometimes have a back-blown mouthpiece. They can be single or double chambered.


We offer some of the most unique and varied scales around!

NAF minor - Pentatonic Minor with a minor 6th.

Aeolian - Natural Minor

Arabian - Hijaz Nahawand

Anasazi - 7th century scale found on flutes in Navajo nation.

Native American Indigenous (NAI) - 6 note scale used by Native Americans of the Great Plains.

Major - Ionian mode, diatonic scale.

432 Hz - The natural frequency of the earth and universe (this option is available for all Made to Order items)

440 Hz - What most instruments and music is tuned to now a days.


Soft Woods -aromatic cedar, other cedar species, pine, juniper, etc.

American Hard Woods - alder, cherry, maple, walnut, myrtle, etc.

Exotic Hard Woods - canarywood, padauk, purpleheart, bocote, limba, koa etc.

Reclaimed Woods - inquire about available species!


High Range Tones - These light, bright and energetic tones are lively and spirited like youthful wind spirits. Keys in this range are High D, High C, B, A, (Flats and sharps included). This range is IDEAL for beginners!

Mid Range Tones - These are often referred to as "love tones", they are warm, inviting and smoothly beautiful. Keys in this range are G and F (Flats and sharps included)

Low Range Bass Tones - These are deep, resonant, and profound tones that vibrate with the grounded energy. Keys in this range are E, D, C, B (Flats and sharps included).

Contra Bass Tones - These are the deepest tones we have for our flutes, they are ancient and low, slow and smooth. Keys in this range are A, G, F, E, and low D (Flats and sharps included)

Accents & Fetishes

Mouth Piece & End Caps - Many of our flutes have a body wood and then another wood for the mouthpiece and end-cap at the bottom of your flute. You can mix-and-match woods!

Fetish Style - We do abstract designs, animals, insects, and other creative designs for fetishes. The best way to see these options is to view our Gallery or Store. If you have an idea for something you don't see, bring it up in your consultation.

Accent Bands - As seen in the photo above: one, two or even three accent bands are possible to add on the ends of your flute!


Inlay - Block style designs can be filled in with turquoise, abalone, malachite and more! We can also inlay a cabochon of stone or cubic zirconia.

Wood burning - From landscapes to animals to geometric designs to detailed scenes of it all, we will hand etch wood burned art into your flute!

Lichtenburg Art - Combining fire, water, wood and air we send an electric current through your flute to produce lightening shaped fractal burns.

Sacred geometry - Flower of life wood burned patterns are available with Altazor's flutes! Inquire about them in your consultation!