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Singing Tree Flutes

We are a company who builds and creates top-quality, hand crafted Native American style flutes and other unique wooden flutes in a wide variety of scales, designs, and tunings!

We are one of the world leaders in high quality wooden flutes, sending our creations to all corners of the planet. We stand out for having an expansive variety of tuning styles (Aeolian, Arabian, Anasazi etc.), one-of-a-kind artistic creations, and holding a standard of concert quality and craftsmanship in all our flutes. We are always looking for new ways to improve and expand our craft, even having invented some tuning styles ourselves! It is very important to us to bring intention and care into our business, provide inspiration to our customers, and give back to Native communities who have offered us so much wisdom. We also provide Hand pans & RAV drums, flute stands & bags, and sound healing music experiences! We are passionate about bringing health and healing to our music community through our craft.

To learn more about the creation of Singing Tree Flutes; view this fascinating video interview of Miguel's flute journey!

Meet the Team

Miguel Medina

Founder and master creator of Singing Tree Flutes. Miguel has been making Native American Style Flutes for over 25 years. He is extremely passionate about his craft, and helping others through music and their Spiritual connection. This passion has brought Singing Tree Flutes to the caliber that it is today! He is connected to the Native community in the Pacific Northwest and on the Turtle Mountain Reservation in North Dakota. He regularly conducts and participates in various ceremonies in the Portland, OR area.

Altazor Bifani

Altazor is a French Chilean apprentice of Miguel's. Alta came to the US two years ago and discovered Singing Tree Flutes on his musical journey. A lifelong craftsman making bespoke shoes & wood carved art, he quickly became an apprentice, and works in the workshop creating most of Singing Tree flutes with Miguel. Flutes combine all his interests in woodwork, music making, and spiritual connection. He now also creates his own line of Singing Tree Flutes by Altazor!

Mike Kapsimalis

Mike is a craftsman who creates the backbone for Singing Tree Flutes by turning planks of wood into flute blanks and starts. Stationed in White Salmon, WA he gets all of Singing Tree Flutes started! He is also learning to craft the flutes in all phases, and creates many of our flute stands and flute racks! Mike is our featured Lichtenberg wood burning artist, combining the elements (wood, fire, air, and water) to create incredible fractal patterns on your flutes.

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