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We believe music is healing! We're honored to bring healing sounds into your home & community, to guide you in your musical exploration, and help inspire you along the way! The quality of sound in our instruments is of the utmost important to us. We only sell the best sounding flutes! We hope you create, connect, and come alive with our healing musical instruments


Our creative expression exudes itself in our work, and you and your friends will be in awe of your masterful Singing Tree Creations displayed and played in your home! We are craftsman as well as artists, pushing our own boundaries of the designs we can create. We are inspired by the natural world around us and the spirit world that guides us.


Much prayer and intention goes into the creation of our flutes. We are aware that many of you seek healing, and connection with your instrument, and we hold this in our hearts when creating these tools. Connection to spirit is also connection with yourself and we find that taking the time and space to breath life into music through our flutes elevates one's ability to connect! Miguel, creator of Singing Tree Flutes, is also very active in the Native community in the Pacific Northwest and participates in many traditional ceremonies, sweats, and community gatherings. We bring those teachings to our flutes.


We are all a community, and we welcome you. What an honor it is to be connected to a huge network of like minded people, that share knowledge, support and resources to help the world connect to themselves and all things through music! Also know that when you support Singing Tree Flutes, in an indirect way you are also supporting the health, help and healing of Indigenous people, through Miguel's service in the Turtle Mountain Chippewa (Ojibwe) and other Native Communities. This business has afforded Miguel the freedom and time to be able to dedicate his energy to helping Native people in ceremony and service through sickness, addiction and trauma. We thank you for all of your support!

Care & Instructions

Find details on how to care for your flute and get started playing here! Miguel offers lots of tips and tricks on Youtube and we have a NAF instructional book for sale. Care is easy - find out how here!

Care & Instructions


There are so many good questions when it comes to getting a flute: What style is best for beginners? How do I know if my fingers can reach? What is 432 Hz versus 440 Hz? Etc! We try to answer them here.

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The best way to learn more about the Native American Style flute; its history, variations, community, playing techniques, & new releases is to sign-up for our Newsletter and subscribe to our Youtube Channel. There we post regular updates and information about the NAF community. Join us!

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