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In loving memory of Shaina. 

Mother, Seeker, Daughter, Wife, loved by many. 

This amazing birthing deck was created by a dear dear friend, and Birth Doula, Shaina Traisman who has recently passed. The alignment of this creation coming to life as she transitioned from hers creates feelings of sorrow and wonder. 
There is no doubt in my heart this has been a powerfully timed creation. 
We are just here to help get it out into the world.

Literally months before Shaina left this world too soon, she created this birthing deck to support and inform those on the path to giving birth and those supporting birth.

Shaina placed much love and attention on this deck, and we would love to support her dream of bringing this to the world.  The Art is stunning and the information, priceless. 
What is a Birthing Deck?
Essentially it is a colorful and well thought out set of cards that aid a pregnant mother through the many steps of child birth, and preparing for this amazing miracle. it's the next best thing to having a midwife or doula right by your side, every step of the way. It is a blessed addition to any mother to be's tools for preparation.
What's Inside?
Physical Practice Cards:
The physical practices involve relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, ways to connect with your baby and tips for finding your rhythm during labor.

Mindfulness Exercise Cards
The mindfulness exercises include breath awareness, visualizations and meditations. The goal is to become alert and focused through deliberate relaxation.

Labor Position Cards
The Positions are the most common labor and birth positions. For each position there are many variations. Each position has a specific benefit.
This portion of the deck is organized by the three stages of labor: early, active and transitional.
This deck is to build a bridge of trust from your spirit and body to express a miracle.
I hope you feel a friendship in this deck, guiding you through, to the final day of birth.
40% of the proceeds from each purchase go back to the single father (Jason)and two young children 9Simone and Finian) that Shaina left behind. We appreciate your support in keeping Shainas Legacy alive!

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