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Midnight Alternating Drone - E Aeolian - Made to OrderBeginner Aeolian Flutes - High Keys - Made To OrderBlack Limba Concert Flute - G to A - Aeolian - Made to OrderAlternating Drone 8 Hole - C to E - Aeolian - Made to OrderPoplar Concert Flute-Aeolian Ab to C- In stock

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Unique Scales (Tunings)

We are well known for making flutes with unique scales. Our Aeolian, Hijaz, and "NAI" North American Indigenous scale are quite popular. Go To Care and Instructions>Flute Scales to Learn More!

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Miguel Medina offers sound healing experiences, recorded music, YouTube lives, how-to videos, and Sunday Spiritual talks.

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Whether are you playing live music for yoga or sound healing, recording songs, or just playing cause you feel like it, a singing tree flute's value goes well beyond the price and will bring joy and peace into the world for many generations to come... Thank you Miguel for your amazing work.

Mike Diaconu

Vancouver, BC


Being a new comer to flute playing as a hobby, I myself could not have picked any better than Miguel Medina of Singing Tree Flutes to craft the one of kind flute(s). His flutes are so heartfelt and personable! When I play them or hear them being played, I really feel like it brings out the song of my soul.

Henry Henson

Portland, OR


He is one of the most skilled craftsman I know through many purchases of varied size, style, woods, and keys of NAFs. Each one is a complete creation, blessed with his obvious modern and passed down, ancient knowledge applied to his trade.

Bruce Hilton

Little Rock, AK


My husband and I travel world wide and have had many opportunities to play flutes from different craftsman. NONE compare to Miguel’s masterful artistry and rich tones. Miguel’s flutes have a spiritual essence and tone that soars to the heavens.

Joanie Ledger-Donnelly

Pasadena, CA


I am the lucky owner of three Singing Tree flutes, and they enrich my life on a daily basis. The meditation inherent in playing these instruments is deeply enhanced by the love put into making them - it comes right out of the wood. Miguel is a master craftsman, and each flute is truly a work of sacred art. 

Harwood Ferguson

Boulder, CO