Ocarina Harmony Drone
Ocarina Harmony Drone
Ocarina Harmony Drone
Ocarina Harmony Drone
Ocarina Harmony Drone

Ocarina Harmony Drone #2 - F/High C -Pentatonic Minor- Pre Order!

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Our 2nd Harmony drone Ocarina is ready. A bit smaller and lighter weight. It is more similar to our wooden harmony drone flutes in the sense that the two chambers are a fifth apart.  It's $50 less expensive than the first one  We are ready to accept Pre Orders on this #2 Model of SingingTree Ocarina Harmony Drone Flute!

What an amazing instrument. A gorgeous fire kilned clay vessel, that is compact, can be taken anywhere, and has a finger spread that anyone can reach, even for the bass tones!.  Our customers have been raving about this amazing new offering from SingingTree Flutes! This Price includes a protective hard case cleaning tool , wiping cloth and clay for hole plugs.


Notes on Drone Side are F4,Ab4,Bb4, C5

Notes on Melody Side C5,Eb5,F5,G5, Bb5, C6

This item is Made to Order. This means that once you order, we create a flute in the same key, wood, style and accents. It is NOT the exact flute you see in the images, but we do our best to keep it as similar as possible. Please allow 30 -60 days for our beginner and no-frills flutes. Sometimes we are able to complete orders sooner, but please allow 60-180 days to complete more complex Made to Order items. Time needed to complete your flute varies by order volume, wood availability and complexity of your flute.

Thank you!

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