Understanding Our Website

Welcome to our site! We realize it can be overwhelming when you first get here.

This page should help you navigate it, and hopefully make the site more accessible for you.

In Stock flutes are available right now and can be shipped immediately.

Made to Order flutes will take from 60-180 days (depending on the complexity of the flute and wood availability).

Beginner flutes

What to look for for a beginner flute.

1. Between the key range of high C to A. ( this will be the easiest to play, as far as easy tone and fingerings).

2. Single chambered flute, without a drone. ( also easier to get going on at first ).

3. NAF minor is what most Native American style flutes are tuned in. This will be most familiar to your ears, if you have been listening to this style of flute music, and it will make the most sense.

4. If you are on a budget, then our basic model in Western Cedar is the way to go.

5. First look in our In Stock page to see what you can buy and have shipped immediately, because wait times for Made to Order flutes are getting longer.

Advanced flutes

The first thing you should look at would be the About our Flutes page

This is an in depth dive into what we offer from the woods we use, down to the scales we offer.

Once you have narrowed down the type of flute you would like, the key and scale. Then I would head over to our In Stock page, to see if we have something that is close to what you are looking for. If not, then I would look under the shop tab for the actual type of flute you would like and go from there.

* Some keys and styles of flutes will be harder for someone with smaller hands, even though you are an advanced player. Something to keep in mind.