Padauk Otter Flute - G
Padauk Otter Flute - G
Padauk Otter Flute - G
Padauk Otter Flute - G

Padauk Otter Flute - G# - NAF minor - Made to Order

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A fabulous Native American style flute, with beautiful hardwoods and a gorgeous design. It is made of Padauk with walnut accents and an otter fetish. The otter is holding a turquoise cabochon. Padauk is always an excellent toned wood and is durable as well. The sound of this flute is just fabulous. It's clean and clear with excellent response. This is a decent size for a beginner but is also of professional quality, and really packs a punch of a sound! Please see video to hear its sound!

SPECS: Length=22", 3/4" bore, with 1 3/8" maximum finger spread(holes 2 and 3, from center to center). Length from mouth piece to first hole= 16 3/8"

This item is Made to Order. This means that once you order, we create a flute in the same key, wood, style and accents. It is NOT the exact flute you see in the images, but we do our best to keep it as similar as possible. Please allow 30 -60 days for our beginner and no-frills flutes. Sometimes we are able to complete orders sooner, but please allow 60-180 days to complete more complex Made to Order items. Time needed to complete your flute varies by order volume, wood availability and complexity of your flute.

Thank you!

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