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SingingTree's Native American Style Dragon Flute, Zircote, Ebony, Turquoise F#!
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SingingTree's Native American style Wolf Flute, Western Cedar, Red Burl Low B432
SingingTree's Native American style Horse Flute, Bubinga Low D!
SingingTree's Memorial Day Sale! Native American Style Pegasus Flute, Low D, curly Maple
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SingingTree's Memorial Day weekend Sale! Native American style Wolf Flute, Blue Stain Pine, Paduk Eflat!
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SingingTree's Native American Style Alt Drone Flute, Leopardwood! A minor
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SingingTree's Native American Style Myrtle Wood Ultra Bass Drone Flute, Low G#
SingingTree's Native American Style Walnut Drone Flute, Low E Minor!
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SingingTree's Native American Style Carved Crow Flute! Purple Heart/Ebony F#!
SingingTree's Native American Style Poplar Bass Drone Flute, Wolf Theme, Low Bb!
SingingTree's Native American style Dragon Flute, Paduk, Rosewood, Low D 432 hz!
SingingTree's Native American Style 7 Hole Split Drone Flute, Peruvian Walnut F!
SingingTree's Native American Style Mid Eastern Tuned Flute, Cedar, B Arabian !
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Welcome to Singing Tree Flutes, by Miguel Medina!

Welcome to, where you'll find beautifully custom designed Wood Flutes, Native American style flutes, as well as other Ethnic Wooden Flutes, inspired from different cultures around the world, and the creative spirit within myself.

"It is my duty to provide some of the most artistic, and highest quality Native American Inspired flutes, as well as ethnic flutes from around the world, with a living Spirit, through its voice and artistry. Let my creative Spirit touch yours through my hands and your breathe, creating love and inspiration to this world"

Miguel Medina